Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adopting Sonic

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P.E.T.S. LLC was an important aspect of Sonic finding his way to his forever family with Emily. Thanks Kyle & P.E.T.S. LLC!


Emily Booth

For the past
two years all I have heard about from my fiancé is how the first thing that we
were going to do as a couple once we had our own home was to adopt a dog. We have both always had a pet in our homes
growing up and really wanted our very own. Before we even signed the papers on our first home we were searching
petfinder and other similar sites for our perfect dog. After researching endless options – anyone
who knows me will tell you that I over-research everything – we decided we
really wanted to rescue a dog. We had
already decided that a young, untrained puppy was not something we would have
the time for at the time and decided to start searching for a year or two old dog
that needed rescuing. I can’t even begin
to count the number of rescues I contacted in Connecticut alone. We saw so many dogs online that they were
honestly all starting to blend together. Initially we had decided that we would only adopt a dog that was located
in CT as we felt strongly about ensuring that we had a connection with the dog
we chose… I knew I would feel terrible if we had a dog transported here and it
simply wasn’t a good match. Then Jim saw
Sonic online. Something about his
picture jumped out at us, and for the first time we actually got excited about
a specific dog. I saw a friend that
evening and couldn’t stop talking about this goofy looking dog that we found
online. I contacted the rescue that
sponsored the listing and was eventually led to speak with the foster family…inTennessee. I was hesitant but something told me I had to
find out more about this awesome looking dog. I spoke with Sheila (Sonic’s foster) extensively and the more she
described Sonic the more I knew this was the dog for us. I could tell that Sheila truly loved Sonic
because of the passion she had when telling me all about him. I felt confident that she was being honest
with me about not only Sonic’s high points but also kept me informed on the
areas he still needed training on. I
told her about our lifestyle and what we were looking for and in the end we
both decided that Sonic belonged with my family. So in the end, despite the fact that we went
into the process not looking to transport a dog from out of state, that is what
we ended up doing. We now have the most
amazing dog that we could have ever asked for. Sonic is happy, energetic, lovable, and is loving experiencing his new
environment. We are so thrilled that we
made the decision to rescue a dog. We
ended up working with rescue organizations, a foster family, and a transport
service that really cares about making sure that dogs receive the family that
is the perfect match for them. Transporting Sonic was extremely easy and
relatively stress free for all involved. Being able to view the transport service online eased any of our
concerns. When Sonic arrived in Connecticut I could tell
that although he was a bit anxious, he was healthy and well cared for. I still remember hearing his adorable howl
when they opened the transport door! The
transport team ensured that each dog was united with their forever family and
any questions were immediately answered. When we begin looking for a second dog for our family I will absolutely
be looking out of state for our next amazing rescue dog!

Emily Booth
is Sonic’s loving forever mom and makes her home with her fiancé in Connecticut.

As Sonic’s
foster mom I cannot thank Emily and her fiancé enough for opening their life
and home to a dog from another state, especially the South. When rescuers, fosters, potential adopters
and reliable transport services work together thousands of otherwise unwanted
animals gain a new chance at love and life!

A huge thank
you goes out to Kyle & Pam Peterson from P.E.T.S. LLC for saving over
34,000 animals since 2004, and helping to connect Sonic with his forever

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information visit

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