Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And Baby Makes More...

And baby makes more…

Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, getting your home
and current pets ready for the arrival of a baby is an important step in family
harmony and safety. Here are a few
simple tips:

  1. Brush up on training. With frequent visitors and a chaotic
    schedule, everyone will appreciate a well-mannered dog. Practice basic obedience or take a
    refresher course.
2. Hope for quiet. Brush up on or
teach a cue to cease barking; offer an extra special treat for

  1. Off limits, please. If you’ll be keeping your dog out of the
    nursery, set up the room early, and reward her for waiting at the door. A
    baby gate is a great option to control movements of baby & pet.

  1. Socialize. Take a walk with friends and their
    babies, or visit a playground so your dog gets accustomed to the rapid
    movements and high-pitched tones of young children.

  1. Establish a routine. Come up with a walk or playtime and
    stick to it.

  1. Plan for care. Line up several options of dog care
    givers to call on when you’re at the hospital and those first few months
    at home.
As always, never leave a child unattended with a pet—no matter how well-mannered the pet
is. And, as you child grows instill respect, boundaries and proper handling of the animals they share a home with.

This is a major time of change for family and pets. Give yourself and your animals a break while
adjusting to life with baby.

Sheila Rinks is the editor of Finding Fuzzybutt Four, producer of the Raising Indiana podcast and shares her home with her husband, 4 Great Pyrenees and 2 very well-fed kitties.