Monday, December 19, 2011

A Mid-Summer Morning With George

A Mid-Summer Morning With George

And now a wonderful example of pet owners who honored their commitment to
care for their kitty, George, even after a new human bundle of joy joined their
family. We hope more new parents make the
choice to keep their pets instead of surrendering them to a shelter after baby

Photos and Blog Entry courtesy of Maria Andrews for White Whiskers

…George, a big gray and white tabby with a giant sized personality makes his
home in Brookline
with his mom and dad. At the time, he was an only child and blessed with a family
who considered him not just a cat, but a very important part of their family.

Most recently, George’s mom gave birth to a gorgeous little girl and I have
to say, I was so happy to see logic and sanity prevail. And the reason I say
this is because I’ve seen too many times moms-to-be told by their doctors that
cats, litter boxes and pregnancy do not mix and sadly, the outcome, results in
cats being surrendered to animal shelters out of irrational fears. George, you
really are loved and lucky you, now you have a little sister!

At first, George wasn’t too sure of me and the camera and I found myself
seeing his backside more than his front. But a little coaxing with chicken
jerky treats, and he warmed up very nicely. Soon, I had a model worthy of the
cover of Cat Fancy and he even allowed me to pick him up (much to the surprise
of his parents). Funny thing is, we started our session with him in his
favorite sleeping place (the box) and when he decided the shoot was complete
and he had given me all he had, he went right back to the box…

Check (more of) this beautiful boy out (at)…

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