Thursday, December 8, 2011

Raising Indiana: Puppy Dentistry

In the ever growing list of things I need to understand about puppy parenthood, I never assigned a high priority to dental care until Indiana started dropping teeth like depth charges.  Trying to remove an imbedded incisor from your sock is kinda like trying to get rid of Geraldo.  Ain't gonna happen.  But at least it brought forth a truly imporant issue. 

Last week's episode of Raising Indiana was all about dental care and oral hygiene for puppies and that was a lot of ground to cover which we've only begun to scratch the surface. 

Stinky puppy breath, brushing teeth (or not!) & bad chews are the topics of conversation with Dr. Sharon Startup on Part 2 of Puppy Dentistry. 

And if you missed our first podcast with Dr. Startup last week: 

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