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Christmas Gifts for Pets

Christmas Gifts for Pets
Author, Jan Casey
Christmas is two days
away. While… you may still be looking for that “special something” for Chanel
or Slider or Bugsey. Buzz recommends the following for your furry, four-legged

Dogs love to chew. Thus,
we seek toys that are (almost) indestructible. Orbee makes a line called Tuff
Cosmos Balls in a variety of colors including Luna, which glows in the dark.
These balls will also hold a treat to entice your dog to play just a little
longer ( Dog slobber limiting your desire to play ball
with your dog? Try a Chuck-It! The long handled ball launcher doubles as a pick
up tool, keeping your hands dry and slime free (

If a ball is just too
boring for Max, try the Tug-a-Jug ( Another toy designed
to stand up to tough dog teeth, this puzzle is made of material similar to that
used in making bullet-proof glass. Treats are placed inside the transparent jug
and the dog must work to get them out. At Bark in the Park’s Splash Paws
, many dogs enjoyed
not only a dip in one of the bone shaped pools, but also had a chance to chase
chicken-flavored bubbles. Check out the wide variety of bubble machines
available at (they have lots of other neat toys, too!).

What’s that? You don’t
have a furry tornado that needs exercise 28 hours a day? Well, how about a new,
personalized collar and leash set for the Princess? Besty Collars (
has a wide variety of styles from pink ribbons and paws to skull and
crossbones. They’ll even take custom orders. And while you are looking for ways
to help Princess look her best, forget about sweaters and coats – they are so yesterday.
Look at the newest joggers, overalls, and formal wear for dogs. Locally,
Elizabeth of Pal World can dress your pup (On The Square in Livingston, TN).
Of course, if you’d like to think ahead for next year’s Bark in the Park Doggie
Bathing Suit Contest, check out the latest in bikinis and board shorts for your
pup at Cozy Pet Clothes (
New collar, new outfit, now add a collar charm ( and Sophie is
ready for a night on the town with her best friend – you!

So maybe you just want
some quality time with Lexi. Did you know that lists forty-six
Bed and Breakfasts in the U.S.
that welcome dogs? These aren’t small town destinations like Spud, FL, but
places you might actually enjoy such as Asheville,
NC, Savannah, GA, and Kennebunk,
Though most require a pet
fee, you’d be paying for Spike’s care if you left him home, so why not let him
enjoy some time away in an exotic locale with you?

If you decide to travel
by car, Trudy may enjoy a new seat. Check the luxury look-out seats by
snoozer-dog-beds (
or just invest a few dollars in a seat saver sling from Duluth Trading ( To help your
dog stay calm, you might try Animals’ Apawthecary Ginger-Mint Dog Car Sickness
Supplement (if it doesn’t work, at least your dog’s breath will be fresher) and
Through a Dog’s Ear - Driving Edition (

Of course, we must not
forget the cats in the house at Christmas time (not that they would let us
forget them). There is a wide variety of gifts appropriate for that finicky
feline who loves you and allows you to enjoy her presence. Catnip mice – bah,
humbug! How about an interactive Mouse in the House automatic cat toy? Designed
to interact with your cat while you are away, it plugs into the wall and emits
small animal noises before sending a mouse running around a track. That should
catch Patches interest! Also from, a wide selection of interactive
and motorized toys is available as are DVDs to keep Laz busy while you have
other things to do. For those who would like to control their cats, check out Their Control-A-Cat Remote Control uses no batteries or power,
just wishful thinking on your part.

Did you know we have
some seriously good pet artists in our area (of Tennessee)? For paintings and drawings,
check out Adrienne Stone (
or Kim Kuykendall (
just to name two. For photography, I have recently seen some beautiful work by
Amy Callahan ( Take a look at the work of some of our local
artists as you won’t find better than we have in this area. A photograph or
portrait is a gift that will last long after all the toys have been shredded.

If you no longer have a
pet, could you help another animal? The Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter
Angel Tree at Food Lion (or an Angel Tree near you) has ornaments listing their
needs by the north exit door. Food, bleach, blankets, stamps, money, and detergent
are just a few items that could help. Other rescues in our area can use help as
well. Just email or call them and ask how you can help at this time of the
year. Perhaps your neighbor or a friend could use your help caring for her pet.
It doesn’t have to be money or things, it can be a little of your time. It is
the season of giving, after all. Giving a gift of your time and your care is

Jan Casey is a
reward-based trainer in Florida
at Courteous Canine, Inc.
and owner of Smiles and Wags Pet Services Mrs.
Casey is a member of the Association of Animal
Behavior Professionals.
Casey is a columnist for the Cookeville,
Herald-Citizen Pet
and Kid's Korner .
This column was originally written for the Herald-Citizen

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