Thursday, November 24, 2011

4 Puppies in a Tent-Buddy's Story

Buddy & Sabrina

Author, Buddy Brock

In April my Great Pyrenees female, Drea, passed suddenly
from twisted intestines just before her 5th birthday. I was devastated and mourned her
passing. My male, Fonto, who was a year
older than Drea went into a depression too.

Six weeks later a wonderful Facebook friend, Robbin Sneddon, and her husband
Kerry from New Jersey posted a picture of a 12 week old Pyr puppy in a Texas rescue
that a friend, Pamela Pyle, was fostering after the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue
had rescued 3 sister pups from a dog pound.

I saw the picture and fell in love but then saw it was $350 to adopt her and
$200 to fly her to my home in Washington
, plus the cost of a
kennel. And the logistics to get her
from the Texas-Oklahoma border to the Dallas
airport. My hopes were soon dashed as I
couldn't afford her.

I posted to Robbin that she
was darling but I couldn't afford her...then the Magic started!

Robbin put out a plea for help
between facebook friends. Within minutes
people were chiming in that they were willing to send money, arrange transportation,
do vet checks, and anything else that it would take to get my Sabrina to
me! Kerry Sneddon contacted the people
at the Texas
rescue and sent them the full amount of the adoption to put a hold on Sabrina till
I could go through the adoption screening. Jay Revees form Arkansas fronted the $200 for the
flight. Jo Anna Perkins of Dallas arranged to pick
her up, buy her a kennel and take her to the airport. And special people from around the country
and Canada
started sending money to Kerry to help the cause! I would like to thank Vicki, Bonnie, Jay , Robbin
and Kerry, Jo Anna, Joyce, Erika, Marcia, Maureen, Deborah, Sherry, Jacquie and
Janet and others that contributed time and money for making this fairytale come
true!!! And a special thanks to Becky and Pamela of the Texas Great Pyrenees
Rescue for saving Sabrina and her 2 sisters that were scheduled to be put to

Thank all of the rescues across country for saving lives!!

Buddy is a board member of
and organizer of the 2 Million Dogs’ Puppy Up!
Walk in Washington

To learn more about Texas
Great Pyrenees Rescue visit

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