Thursday, November 24, 2011



Great Pyrenees: An adoptable dog in Aurora,

Maximus is a 9 year old,
White, male Great Pyrenees. He is a great big, furry teddy bear and he will be
getting groomed soon so we'll update pics after his trip to the barber. He does
have a Thyroid condition but it is easily managed with inexpensive medication
given daily. Maximus and his brother, Paylar, were the victims of the economy
and have been well loved most of their lives until their owners fell on hard
times. He will be getting a refresher course on house training because he has
mostly been an outside dog but he is very smart and knows sit, stay, down,
wait, and let's go. He is a typical Pyr barker when outside and would be
happiest with a big yard to patrol, but he is quiet and a couch potato and well
behaved when inside the house. Maximus has a wonderful temperament and gets
along well with other dogs, cats, and kids. Maximus and Paylar are both seniors
and have been together their entire lives so we would love to keep them
together if possible and are willing to offer a reduced adoption fee. To see
the most up to date adoption status of this dog please visit

about Maximus

• Up-to-date with routine shots • Primary color: White or Cream • Coat length:

Contact Info

Big Dogs Huge Paws, inc, Aurora, CO

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