Monday, November 28, 2011

Raising Indiana: Thanksgiving Edition

This is a very special podcast in that I talk to four new puppy parents, all of whom I'm deeply grateful for who helped Hudson and Murphy and I on our cross country trek for canine cancer and comparative oncology. It was a particularly tough podcast since this is my first Thanksgiving without Murphy and why it was late. Damn I just miss him and although we had a blessed weekend, damn I just miss him. I have Indiana now and isn't that the spirit of Thanksgiving to bow our heads in silence for the ones we've lost but be grateful for the ones in our lives?

While I'm still trying to understand it all, listen to Kerry, Buddy, Patty, and Nicole talk about how their new puppies have changed their lives...

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  1. I so understand. It's been over a year since I lost my Sam but little things trigger things that were special because of him. The first snowfall this year I couldn't help but cry to watch it fall. Snow was Sam's most favorite thing, he was a Husky after all. My first implulse was to call him so he could have the first snowflakes of the year fall down upon him. But, this year I could only see it in my mind. Thankfully God has allowed me to still be able to see that glint in his eye and feel the snow as it would fall on his thick fur. It was a beautiful snow Sam...just for you.