Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fuzzybutt Logic

Tonight I'm trying to understand the criteria by which one chooses a companion.  Malcolm and Murphy were brought into my life by ex-girlfriends. I kept the dogs but not the girls which means I came out way ahead.  Hudson was serendipitous.  But now it's a whole new ballgame.

Sheila and Tish have done an outstanding job of expanding the playing field but this is where it gets tough.  Having to choose. 

According to the World English Dictionary, Fuzzy Logic is defined as a branch of logic designed to allow degrees of imprecision in reasoning and knowledge, typified by terms such as `very', `quite possibly', and `unlikely', to be represented in such a way that the information can be processed by computer. 

But a much simpler way to think of Fuzzy Logic is how it works and that's through 'IF-THEN' statements.  IF this occurs THEN do this.  Smart appliances, like a washing machine, use it to determine water and temperature levels, cycle times, etc. 

I use it to adopt a puppy. 

Not out of intention but necessity.  Emotionally I just haven't been commited to making a decision and that's not surprising since it's only been two months since Murphy was laid to rest.  Plus, if I decided solely on emotion, I'd adopt all of the homeless puppies here.  

But as a man of nature I resolved long ago to abide by her laws and limit myself to having only as many dogs as I had arms.  That's two last time I checked.  Now I know some of you are overachievers and that's okay. 

So almost entirely emotionally removed, I've been approaching this analytically like I'm trying to solve a mathematical problem.  Or purchase a pair of sneakers.  IF I adopted this puppy THEN... 

IF I adopted a mix rather than full blooded Pyrenees THEN maybe my next dog will be less likey to develop cancer since I am 2 for 2 with cancer in Pyrs. 

IF the puppy likes water THEN I could buy a boat and me, Hudson, and the puppy could ride my pony up on that boat.... Wait that's a Lyle Lovett song. 

The problem is puppies.  They and even the adoption process itself ultimately defy logic.  It's messy, unscientific, and...  Can't I just get another girlfriend to get one for me again?  That's a helluva lot easier than picking a puppy. 


  1. You're a seasoned dog owner. I'd check out the Pyr Rescue or Save A Dog. Just remember the new dog/puppy will not be Hudson. It's like expecting every child to be the same, when you're a parent of humans. Maybe, try from online viewing, then meeting the dog/puppy. If it's a click, you will know it instantly. :) Many hugs sent to you and Murphy.

  2. I agree, you aren't going to find another Hudson but eventually you'll find an equally wonderful pup to fill the hole in your heart.

    When I lost Redford I knew I wanted another fuzzy red Chow mix. We decided that the new red dog should be a girl. Lucie isn't Redford but she's equally delightful. The longer I know her, the more I love her (it's been 6 years now).

    When it came time to add a second dog/companion, Lucie came with us to meet the pup. She approved of Coach right away. They have totally different personalities but it's been a match made in heaven!

  3. That's the problem, Luke. You're approaching this from an analytical, scientific point of view. Picking a new FuzzyButt is as far removed from science as it gets. Go with your emotion and check all reason at the door. That's the way I've always done it and I've never once made a wrong choice.

  4. I love the blog... it's all about the heart, my friend... it's all about the heart... we love, therefore we have them. Because Trust died so close to Murphy, I have been going through the same thing. With that said... my heart still is in the massive depths of grief and as much as I want to give a home to another dog, I just can't do it yet. We have lost, Luke... not just one, but TWO... our hearts our broken and math just doesn't heal a broken heart... I've learned that time doesn't either but, it does allow for scar tissue to help cover the wounds... I'm learning, when it's right, it's just fuckin right...

  5. You probably would be better off choosing a mixed breed dog. It seems the more I am on Facebook the more I see pure breed dogs getting cancer. I guess it is just in the genes, maybe too much inbreeding to get the look right. Best of luck with the search, Luke. I will just stick with my mutts, they are happy mutts with very little in the way of illness. My old rottie mix that I lost in January was 15 1/2. I got her when she was about two and on the street. I took her to the vet, had all her shots and had her spayed and she was never sick a day until the last six months of her life. I miss her so much.....

  6. TAKE YOUR TIME... When the time is right, he will come when you least expect. When I was looking for my first pup, I knew exactly what breed of dog I wanted. I searched and searched but it never felt right and one day while I was visiting my sister, 500+ miles from my home, I spotted a little 'pups for sale' sign (before I pledged 'rescues only'). The momma was with her pups, last two. Her owner told us they had been there for hours and were about to call it a day. My little Buster came running to me like I was his long lost friend. He loved on me, like there was no tomorrow. They reacted with such surprise claiming he had been the unfriendliest pup all day, that's why he was still there. Buster and I were pretty much inseparable for the next 12 years, we loved on each other so much. When it is time you will know it. Take your time... your pup will choose you and Hudson will be happy too because he will know who loves his daddy the bestist and not compete with him for your love too :)

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