Tuesday, August 23, 2011

His Name Ain't Frank

I have the most insufferable, intolerable, and insubordinate team ever and there are days I don't know why I put up with em.  For some inexplicable reason even though I haven't adopted the lil fell'r in Bowling Green Mommy G & Mommy S have named him Frank and they aren't budging. 

Haven't liked most of the people I've met bearing that name and no puppy I adopt will either.  And yet they absolutely disregard me...  Jeesh.

For now, I am calling him 'Lil' and our playdate this past Sunday didn't start out so good.  Shortly after I arrived at Lorri (the Director of the Humane Society there) and Bill's house, Lil puked up some cat poop he had just eaten.  Not a good sign at all but Hudson had corprophagia as a puppy which we worked through so it wasn't a deal breaker.  Plus we don't travel with cats, not a problem. 

Then he did a few things to endear himself to me.  First off, he's a gluttonous little guy.  I mean he doesn't even stand or sit up while he eats (see nearby pic).  Like feasting at a Roman orgy he just plopped his head in the bowl.  Om nom nom nom.  I was looking around for an offal bag but he had already vomited.  Ya gotta love a boy with a big appetite. 

Secondly, he doesn't seem to be afraid of water.  Hudson and Murphy were 'Oh, no h20' so much so they would go out of their way to avoid a puddle.  And while it's still early,we put Lil on the top ladder step in their raised pool and he laid down all cool like.  We just may roll with this guy after all.

After a perfectly pleasant evening with our good friends, Lil did one more thing which almost busted me up all weepy like if I wasn't laughing so hard.  As soon as I leashed up Hudsy, Lil went went right for it and with all of his little might he tugged and pulled.  Hudson who still isn't sure about this whole brother business (he's weighing in on this with his own blog) took Lil on a little ride across their hard wood floors.  There''s history to this but I just can't share it right now...

And although the hilarity of his character really glistened Sunday, I've still resolved to meet a few more pups before I commit.  But damn that boy is crazy cute.  Thanks to Lorri and all our friends in Bowling Green for fostering him throughout this process! 


  1. He's so cute! You need to follow your heart and which one captures it the most! If this puppy is all you think about when you wake up and when you go to sleep, then don't pass him by, go get him!

    Some possible names,

    Maverick, Miles, Milo, Diesel, Bentley,

  2. 'Lil' sure is cute! I think 'Lil' was trying to tell Hudson something...

  3. I'm with ginger on the name. I won't explain why because it isn't to sway you one way or the other. If he's the one you pick I'll share then.

    I agree, go with your heart strings. If Hudson is tolerating them during the visits your good. He has to adjust to being big brother and that isn't going to happen till you pick a pup and he figures out his role. I have seen dogs take to each other instantly and sometimes take up to two weeks before the older realizes he has a new buddy and friend to share life with. The pup will be guided by Hudson's every move. He might try to be pushy but it is up to Hudson how much he tolerates. Good luck to all the new Pups and to Frank from me.

  4. lil,a,girl?.Pups.are.mysterous.lots.of.fun.A.swimmer,active,fun.Enjoy.

  5. Perhaps Hudson was telling Lil that he is #2 Alpha dog when he pulled him across the floor. There will be a pecking order established. We all know Papi is Alph Dog #1. Or maybe he was saying that if you come live with me here is a taste of what you are in for.