Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hudson turned 5 recently and now that I’ve laid Murphy to rest and had my time alone to reconcile his loss, I promised to find Hudson a brother.

I am starting this new blog to chronicle the experience and open it up to the public and anyone who would like to be a part of the process.

We’re still working through how all of this is going to work but I’ve made a few decisions:

(1) I’m going with another Great Pyrenees. Meeting so many awesome mixed breeds on the road I thought back then my next one will be a plain ole American mutt, just as long as I always have one Pyr in my pack. But after losing Murphy I realized I’m 2 for 2. I couldn’t have been blessed with better mates than he and Malcolm - the jury is still out on Hudson. So life is short, get a Great Pyr, I decided.

(2) It’ll be from a rescue or shelter which makes (3) harder but it needs to be a puppy, 2 – 6 months old. I want it to be young enough to grow into our pack and full of puppiness for Hudsy. He hasn’t gotten to play a lot this past year and it’s his time now.

In this blog I want to share what I learn throughout the adoption process and enable others to participate in it as well. If you’re a shelter or rescue you can post prospective mates for Hudson here as well as share best practices for a successful adoption, qualities to look for that fit your pack, and best ways to introduce them into their new environment. Other people will be allowed to share success stories with their adoptions as well which we can all learn from.

I am working with Sheila Rinks on this and she’ll be the blog admin. All you have to do is email her at what you want to post and as long as it fits the criteria, she’ll invite you on as a guest blogger (I know there are a ton of great dogs out there looking for homes but I’d like to keep the focus here on finding a prospective mate for Hudson).

We’re still working out the kinks in this concept but the process is probably going to take a few months and we want to get started with it now. Let’s find Hudson a brother…. Keep the faith and puppy up!

Happy birthday, my boy

Hudson and Luke

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  1. Happy belated birthday Hudsy and welcome back Luke. I have a question about your new fuzzybutt. Is it possible to poll for his or her new name?

  2. Hi Uncle Luke and Hudson
    It's me, Blogging Bob.
    I have been invited by Sheila to write a guest blog for you, and I have my thinking cap on now about what to say.
    I will certainly keep my eyes and ears open and see if there are any Great P's around our area that might need a good home.
    One of my Mom's clients just started Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue, Inc. and we will ask her to keep an eye open. If you want to contact her you can reach her at and her name is Kristin.
    Please give Hudson a big sloppy kiss from his friend Bob.

    Love and Licks,
    Boy Bloginator and Pit Bull Reporter Extra Ordinary