Monday, August 22, 2011

Hudson Meets Murphy

Puppy Murphy, that is.  Perhaps if we adopt him we can call him Pim but that's way ahead of the game and one thing this past year has reminded me -take 'er one step at a time. 

I have to admit driving up to New Leash on Life in Lebanon TN Thursday I was pretty apprehensive about the whole adoption thing.  Yes, Hudson needs a brother; yes, I've made the committment to finding him one; and yes, life is cyclical for a reason. 

But damn if I wasn't still a little nervy about it anyway.  It's the first hurdle in the next stretch of our journey and I guess I just needed a good kick in the arse to get me up and over the hump.  That's why I brought Sheila in to help me with this because she doesn't take any crap from me.  And for good reason.  

Murphy lived up to his name and then some because his personality outsizes his little puppy physique ten-to-one, at least. The first attribute apparent was his absolute fearlessness which you hope for in a Pyrenees and although clearly Murphy is a mix, probably part German Shephard, he has the Pyr 'piss and vinegar' gene. 

But as any great chef will tell you the secret to a successful recipe is you gotta mix heat with sweet and that's harder than you think.  We spent less than an hour with Murphy and while he nudged and nuzzled me, I can't help but wonder if 'I' was what was for dinner and whether we were part of his grand designs...  Of taking over my pack and enslaving Hudson unto his cuteness. 

And I can tell you, Hudson wanted no part of him but I don't know if that was because he feared Murphy would steal the show from him or he could see something in those scheming eyes.  Of this one can never be certain but as a fellow trouble maker, I think he would make the perfect addition to our Fuzzybutt Fight Club .  But the decision isn't entirely up to me.  Nature always takes her course and by her we always abide...


  1. Hope it becomes crystal clear what direction you are to take :-)
    It is a full lifetime commitment.

  2. Also, Puppy Murphy is absolutely adorable!! :)

    Karin Z.

  3. Gee, if the little one is part GSD you might have a Pyr that will come when called☺.

  4. Ah... So soooooo many homeless adult Pyr's ... Perhaps something more mature would suit Mr. Hudson better???

  5. I can't help but root for Little Murphy. If he has part GSD, which he seems to, it is the perfect mix. And, hey, German Shepherds LOVE water. Little Murphy stole my heart when I saw him interact with you on TV. If Lia would let me have another dog (I have to be able to support him myself -- she's already looking after 4), I would adopt him in a minute. Anyway, good luck in the search. Your heart will know.