Monday, August 29, 2011


Matilda Chicken Chaser to be exact! Don't let the name scare you, this little lady just needs love and guidance and maybe a long daily walk to burn off some excess energy!

Boxer/Great Pyrenees Mix: An adoptable dog in Marble Hill, MO

Matilda was adopted to an elderly widow. Her purpose was to be a guardian for her and for her prized chickens. OH DEAR, little Matilda became bored. She was a simple puppy, with curious energy and no other dogs or kids to play with so one bright day she did a not so-bright thing She decided to chase those prized chickens

Yep, it was just too much fun! She did not want to stop once she got started. She found it easier to catch them if she grabbed them by the neck!

Well, this was not how the story was suppose to end, but it did for Matilda. She came back to live on our happy ranch with over 50 other dogs and she has been happy every since.

NOW Matilda can find someone to play when ever she is in the mood. Matilda is not a wild child. On-the-contrary, she is usually pretty quiet. There are lots of things to see, places to explore and plenty dogs to hang out with if she so desires.

Matilda would be the happiest in a home with somewhat active humans and maybe another dog. She has a muted spotted tan on lighter tan coat suitable for the outdoors or as an inside pet. This girl glides like a large bird in flight when she trots (so beautiful).

IF little Matilda interests you by her picture and story, imagine how much you will like her when you MEET her! She should mature in the 50 to 60 pound range.

Matildas adoption fee is $150, with a $50 refund if a vet other than our vet spays her. Call Marilyn to adopt her at 573-722-3035 . Call between 9:30am to 9:30pm Central time.

We ship all over the USA.

More about Matilda Chicken Chaser

Up-to-date with routine shots • Primary colors: Apricot or Beige, White or Cream • Coat length: Short

Matilda Chicken Chaser's Contact Info

Bollinger County Stray Project, Marble Hill, MO

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