Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogging Bob, Scooby & Spain, Oh My

The Famous Blogging Bob!

Hi Everyone

Miss Sheila Rinks has kindly asked me to be a Guest Blogger
for Finding Fuzzybutt Four, because it is National Dog Week and because I am a
pro at this Blogging Business, I have kindly agreed to help out. I had to do a lot of thinking about what I
would share with you, but before I get started, maybe you will want to know
about me.

I am Bob. Just
Bob. Not Robert or Bobby or anything
like that…. Just Bob. I have been
writing a Blog for several years on behalf of our company which is called
Everything & The Dog and our home is in Leesburg, Virginia. My official title is Blogging Bob, Boy Bloginator
and PitBull Reporter Extra Ordinary, and since my blogging was voted the Best
in Northern Virginia by Northern Virginia Magazine, I am also somewhat of a
phenomena. I like that word a lot,
don’t you?

I met Mr. Luke and Hudson and Murphy when they stayed with
us for several weeks the summer before they made it to Boston. I like Mr. Luke and Ms. Ginger a great
deal. I liked Hudson and Murphy too,
but I liked them best from a distance.
I am, I guess, more of a people person-dog, and as much as it pains me
to say this, I am rather much un-nerved by dogs larger than I am. I like small, fluffy dogs a lot.

I went to Washington, D.C., which as you know is our
nation’s capital, and I walked with Mr. Luke and ‘da boys during the big March
on Washington for 2Dogs, 2000Miles. I
wore a pink bandanna that said “Puppy Up” and I was very proud of myself. I also behaved quite admirably in
consideration of the fact that there were a LOT of very large dogs marching
that day. When one is a PitBull, it is
very important to behave well in public, as we PitBulls suffer from some
terrible misunderstandings.

So now you know all about me, and if you would like to
follow my Blogging, you can do so simply by asking your Mouse Person to fly you
over to Do you have a Mouse Person? Mine is named MOPE and he is very important
to the success of my blogging. He
doesn’t have opposable thumbs either, but he is very good at navigating the
internet and helping me with my research.
If you don’t have a Mouse Person of your own, I suggest you get one,

So now you know all about me, and I think that I have
already used up a lot of my time as a guest blogger telling you my story, so
what started out to be the introduction to my blogging, has now become my
Blog. HA. That’s the way things go around here. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say, so
I start thinking into my Mom’s head and we just take off running.

I would like to ask everyone who reads my entry, and who
will be following Finding FuzzyButt Four, to remember how important it is to
adopt dogs from shelters, no matter where you live. My sister, Lydia, who owns our company
(Everything and The Dog) is on the Board of Scooby North America. Perhaps you could take a moment and check
out Scooby if you are searching for a new addition to your doggie family. They happen to be in the country of Spain,
but they are very, very needy and their shelter is a miracle for all the dogs
they take in, many of whom are called Spanish Galgos. Spanish Galgos are very similar to
Greyhounds (who also need a lot of help finding homes), but the story of their
suffering in Spain is so tragic that it makes my eyes cry just even thinking
about them. Please ask your Mouse to
fly you over to where you can learn
everything about Scooby Medina in Spain and then to also take you to so you can learn about Scooby North
America. Perhaps your next dog will be
coming to you on an airplane and speaking Spanish!

It goes without saying that I also want everyone to consider
adopting a PitBull. The story of the
terrible suffering of many of my brothers and sisters, is well known, but you
can find out more about us and how you can help, if you and your Mouse Person
take a trip to This is the official web place for Saving
America’s Dog, which is an outreach of Best Friends Animal Society in
Utah. My sister, Lydia, who has gone to
Spain to help with the Galgos, also went to Utah and volunteered at Best
Friends a few summers ago. She got to
work with some of the Michael Vick PitBulls and we try to follow their stories
whenever we can.

So perhaps this will give you some food for thinking about
if you are looking to add a new Best Friend to your household. We know that Mr. Luke is anxious to find
Hudson a new brother (or sister?) and that he would very much like to have a
Great Pyrenees. We respect that
decision and we will do everything we can think of to help him. But remember, it really doesn’t matter
“what” you adopt, just so long as you do it with your heart.

Happy National Dog Week to everyone! I hope that many of you will become my
friends and will follow my blogging. I
don’t think there are very many Boy Bloginators and PitBull Reporters just
sitting around waiting to write a blog, so hopefully you will think that I have
some unique perspectives of a wide range of issues. Besides.
I am pretty funny – most of the time.

Love and Licks, Bob


  1. Hi Blogging Bob! My name is Dodi the Three-Legged Wonder Dog and I share some ancestry with you. I think Pitties rule! Thanks for your cool blog! I'm looking forward to reading more.

  2. Bob thanks for your "pawsome" blog!

    Everyone should check out Bob's blog at

    And all things Everything and the Dog at

    Thanks Bob, Patti & Lydia!

    Posted by Blog Admin, Sheila

  3. Hey Bob,
    Mickey the hound dog here. I already follow your blog and think you are awesome! Just thought I let you know that I got a new sister. We adopted her from the shelter and guess what....she's a pit bull.