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Great Pyrenees: An adoptable dog in Houston, TX

Please fill out our short application - the link is below - we are FAST! Our
applications are usually processed in less than 7 days but we have done one in
less than 8 hours!!

Goliath is a 6-7 yr old boy that weighs 115lbs and he is thin! Goliath is well
mannered, gets along with dogs, cats and kids. Goliath was found as stray and
his owner didn't come looking for him. He was so badly matted and covered in
fleas and ticks that he had to be shaved to give him some relief. Goliath loves
attention from human friends and will snuggle in your hand for love. Goliath is
looking for a wonderful family that will give him what he missed in the
beginning of his life. Could you be that family?

To see more of our rescue dogs please,
click here.

Adoption fee:

$Small Donation, Volunteer adoption fee $Small Donation :

Adopter pays cost of transport to independent transport service.

There are many things you can do to help:

1. Adopt! If this Gentle Giant looks like the one for you,
fill out an adoption application today!

2. FOSTER! This is a temporary commitment that gives all needy
dogs the time needed to find the loving home they deserve. Your generous
decision to foster can literally mean the difference between whether they live
or die.

3. Donate! In upwards of $8/day, Boarding isn't cheap. A
donation of just $25 can give all boarded dogs 3 whole days to find the home
they have been waiting their whole life for. Vet bills. These can sometimes run
into the thousands per dog. Every penny counts when it comes to vet

As always, all donations are gratefully
accepted, and completely tax deductible!

If you are interested in adopting this dog or need further information,
please contact GPRS at
or fill out our SHORT
application form.

Every dog adopted thru the GPRS program is up to date on all vaccinations,
spayed/neutered and on heartworm preventative.

More about Goliath

ID: 3493418-D110121 • Spayed/Neutered

Contact Info

***Great Pyrenees Rescue
Houston, TX

September 16, 2011, 1:38 pm

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