Friday, September 16, 2011


Parker Has An Amazing Story!

Great Pyrenees: An adoptable dog in Mountain Home, AR

Parker had the surgery $1064.00. Now he has to have a nasolacrimal flush every
4 to 5 days (depending how it falls as can't do it on a weekend) This will be
"for as long as it takes" to clear up. This could be for 4 months
which would be 24 to 28 flushes. EACH flush is an additional $78. He has had 3
flushes already and another scheduled for this Friday. With his surgery,
Penny's surgery and a failed emergency surgery which Shelby did not make it, Ozark Dogs Rescue is
in major financial trouble and our personal finances are tapped beyond
recovery. PLEASE, if you can help...

8/20/11: Parker needs
eye surgery. He has already had 3 over the past 18 months, but this surgery
requires a specialist to save the eye and bring him relief from 2 years of
suffering. Any amount of donations towards this $1000 expense would be greatly
appreciated. please go to for donation

Parkers adoptability
status is being retired. He has been here at Ozark Dogs 2 years. It would be
too hard on this old boy to re-adjust to a new family at this point so he will
just live out his life here as part of our sanctuary.

4/5/11: Parker just
celebrated his 18th month here. No cake and ice cream, and no forever home.
Instead his day was spent at the vets having x-rays for what turned out to be
re-injury of an old torn tendon in the knee from long ago. X-rays also showed
he had once been shot as the pellets were still in his hip! He also underwent
another entropian surgery and some eye lash removal. He looks as pathetic as he
must feel. Because he is so sweet, he was not taken into a run to recover. He
got to stay in the room with the vets. When he woke up, he went over and nudged
the vet ever so softly with his nose. I think if Dr. Rob was not so busy, he'd
adopt Parker. He has a real special fondness for this old boy. During his time
here, Parker has been such a sweet boy and the most agreeable dog of the bunch.
He had his first entropian surgery about 6 months ago. He also has "dry
eye" which is easily treated with a few drops of artificial tears 3 to 4
times a day. When his eye bothers him, he comes and nudges me to put the drops
in! He is such a great patient. Parker wants to be with his people but he also
enjoys outside time. He will patrol the yard and alert to strangers with a deep
'woof'. He likes to sun himself on the deck or under a tree if weather is nice,
but too hot and he is near the AC. When he senses a storm, he is on the bed
snuggling for protection or trying to get behind the toilet to hide. He is
afraid of gun shots and fireworks too. He loves long walks, car rides and being
brushed. He is good when his eye medication is put on and will also come to
have his drool wiped from his chin.

Ozark Dogs Rescue only
adopts to companion homes where the dog will have inside privileges. A 5' fence
is usually required but there are exceptions. Adoption donations vary and may
be flexible. Our primary goal is to get the very best home for each dog.

about Parker Help needed

• Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Special Needs • Primary
color: White or Cream • Coat length: Long

Help needed's Contact Info

Ozark Dogs Rescue
Mountain Home, AR

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