Saturday, September 24, 2011

FFBF Future

Clarence, my Great Pyrenees, showing his Puppy Up! spirit.
Tomorrow Sunday, the 25th, ends's "Less-Adoptable" Adoptable Week and begins National Dog Week.
One look at a calendar and it is apparent that we do love our four-legged friends because we devote more designated days and weeks to them than we do most humans.
Finding Fuzzybutt Four began with Luke and Hudson searching for a new member of their family. We met many fuzzybutts needing forever families and love. Now that Luke & Hudson have found Indiana, we will countinue to post Great Pyrenees puppies under 6 months that are available for adoption. I also have a special place in my heart for senior pyrs over 6 years old. These are the dogs that get passed by and overlooked but they have so much love to offer! We will be featuring these dogs as well.
I encourage our readers to help us spread our reader base by posting and sharing this blog with Rescues, Shelters and Animal Organizations.
Indiana has been found, and finally named but we will countinue the blog to cover training tips for puppies, behavioral issues and basic training 101 for all dogs. We'll cover fun tricks and games to play with your dog--you know colder weather is just around the corner which means more inside time. And, we'll discuss RPO, responsible pet ownership, with experts in the animal field. We'd like to know what topics you'd like to see covered & discussed--let us know in the comments section below.
We have guest bloggers lined up. Some with dewclaws, others with 10 fingers.
We'll talk about cooking for your dog and share recipes.
I'm looking forward to beginning a "Favorite Things" post!
And, we'll cover health topics. If you have a health issue with your pet we encourage you to seek medical advice from your vet. Myself and the other contributors to the blog are not doctors, we can only offer personal experience and opinion, which should never take the place of sound medical advice. That being said--what health topics do you want to see discussed here? Post ideas below.
I'm also excited about a Q & A section with one of our resident pyr-experts!
If you see an interesting story that you think should be featured on the blog, email me at
So, we have many things in store for FFBF. Help us spread the word by sharing with all your friends and let us know your thoughts.
Puppy Up!
Blog Admin, Sheila

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  1. Glad you are continuing the blog. It's excellent!