Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Chloe-Our "Less-Adoptable" Adoptable for today!

Great Pyrenees Mix: An adoptable dog in Columbia, MO

is an older girl who has lived her entire life outside. She has learned to love
the comforts of living inside. Chloe is house trained by using a doggie door...
and yes it is a huge doggie door! She is food aggressive with other dogs but
this is easily contolled by food seperation during meal time. Chloe loves her
treats and wil sit very nicely for them. Chloe does still like to play fetch
with a ball and loves her soft squeeky toys. She has hip problems so would not
do well with many stairs. She is learning to get along with other dogs and has
even been learning to play gently with one of the juvenile dogs. She loves to
kiss you with her giant tongue! Rest assured that after she is done kissing
you, you are clean! She is quite a lover! Chloe is not found of cats. Because
Chloe is older, she would best be suited in a quiet home where she can just
love nad be loved for the rest of her life.

about Chloe

• Up-to-date with routine shots • Special Needs

Contact Info

Columbia Second Chance, Columbia, MO

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