Thursday, September 22, 2011

Male Pyr

This blog focuses on showcasing pyr puppies and pyr seniors but this dog is a
rare exception. I believe in RPO and
never setting a dog up to fail. That means
if you know a dog doesn’t like a certain thing or situation, as a RPO you try
to avoid those things or situations.
Otherwise, you are setting the dog up to fail, and sometimes the consequences
can be fatal.

Hearts Dog Rescue in VA has an urgent plea.
They have a 2 year old male pyr who needs to be removed from his home
before a child is hurt. This is a good dog but he does have a sensitivity
that requires a special home.
owners are making a difficult choice to re-home him but they are doing what is
best for the dog and their family. And,
they are not setting the dog up to fail.

“He's a
two-year-old male who is a wonderful dog. The only "issue" he has is
that he doesn't like being startled awake in the middle of the night when he's
sleeping. (To be fair, neither do I.) Not a big deal some might say, but there
are very young kids in his house and they do not understand. There hasn't been
any incidents yet (other than a little growling once when the young child
pounced on the dog when he was fast asleep), and the family wants to keep it
that way. They are being very RPO and have decided that, since giving up the
child is out of the question, they should find a new home for their furry
friend. If anyone knows of a home that is looking for a really well-behaved dog
and understands the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie," please have them
contact us for more information.”

Anyone interested volunteering with or adopting from Giant Hearts Dog Rescue
should check with them at . They recently formed in the
state of Virginia
to rescue dogs of any giant breed. The bigger the better! They are looking for volunteers, especially
foster homes, in Virginia
as they are getting more requests to surrender dogs than they have space for.

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