Friday, September 16, 2011



Great Pyrenees: An adoptable dog in Indianapolis,

and his house mate Macie are in need of a foster home due to their owner
remarrying and the travel that she and her new husband will be doing. Ivan is
afraid of camera flashes, so he is a little scared in these photos. He is an 8
year old boy who is fine with all other animals and people too. He is truly is
a gentle giant. Ivan is housebroken, and does not need to be crated when you
are gone. He is a very sweet and lovable boy. Ivan will be placed as an inside
pet with outside privileges to a secure visibly fenced yard. Pyrs do not do
well with wireless fencing. We recommend obedience training for all newly
adopted pyrs, to help you create a special bond with you and your new friend,
and so you have a well behaved canine. Great Pyrenees
are willing to learn, but are not as eager to comply with commands as much as
other breeds. They are bred to be independent thinkers. If you are interested
in giving this dog a forever home, please contact us for an application at

Adoption fee is $200

about Ivan

• Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Primary colors: White or
Cream, Apricot or Beige • Coat length: Long

Contact Info

Indy Great Pyrenees
Indianapolis, IN

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