Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blue & Cody's Adoption Story

Blue & Cody’s Adoption Story

By Jackie Spano

A little over four years ago I rescued my purebred American Bulldog,
Blue. He was six months at the time, skinny, and covered in ticks and
fleas. The poor baby was being abused by the so-called breeders and
thankfully was saved. I noticed a bump on his face starting to spread
and grow...After 6 months and two thousand dollars at five different
vets Blue received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I was told there
was nothing that could be done and he would die soon..After only six
months together I was completely in love with this special so my heart
was completely broken. Thankfully, he has overcome all odds and
although the cancer has spread all over his face and neck and now
inward around his heart and lungs...He remains the most loving,
caring, special dog that has ever lived.
Two years and four months ago I decided Blue would like a "little
brother" and decided to adopt again. I was on petfinder and fell in
love with a teeny tiny American Bulldog mix that was in a local
rescue. After fighting a few other applicants, I won and was approved
to adopt the little angel. He was from a small town in Georgia and was
born in the shelter. All his brothers and sisters were euthanized but
luckily for me, the rescue was able to pull him and bring him to
Florida. My husband and I named the little puppy Cody. Blue and Cody
have become best buds and even have their own videos on youtube and
many followers. Search for Blue and Cody 1, Blue and Cody 2, and Blue
and Cody 3 to see them in their starring roles. Blue has many
followers that keep up with him and even helped donate to put him on
the 2012 Cancer Cant Keep A Good Dog Down Calendar by 2 Million Dogs.
Blue has such an amazing story and has overcome a lot, I wish I had
enough time to write it all. I love both my boys so very much.

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  1. Thank you Jackie for sharing Blue's incredible story of fight and survival--Cancer Can't Keep A Good Dog Down!!!

    Blue & Cody are adorable together!

    Here's prayers for many good days for Blue with Cody.

    "Go on Blue, you good dog you", and Cody, too.
    Posted by Blog Admin, Sheila