Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Dog Whisperer?

Part of being a Responsible Pet Owner is educating yourself about the different techniques of training—the good, the bad and the Cesar. Everyone has an
opinion of Cesar, the beloved televised dog trainer and brand. I encourage all pet owners to research any trainer they personally use or follow from afar. Do your due diligence. As part of that, we must discuss all aspects of the conversation. This post is meant to educate and encourage pet owners to ask serious questions of the trainers we trust our pooches with. These articles
by Lisa
Mullinax, CPDT are wonderful pieces of research material about a man who is the
center of fame and controversy.

"While training for obedience and changing problem behaviors are not
the same thing, they are not entirely separate, either. Successfully training a
dog requires an understanding of how dogs learn and what motivates them to
repeat behaviors. That understanding is also critical in being able to change
behavior." Lisa Mullinax, CPDT

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