Monday, October 3, 2011

Plant Safety

Collection of Plants inside a Vintage Birdcage
Front Porch Pumpkins
Jade safe and sound

As we prepare our homes and yards for fall and the holiday
seasons, it is important to take a minute to research the plants and flowers
you bring home.

I have several plants that live outdoors during the warmer
months. This time of year is a plant
give-away at my house because most of my beloved plants are toxic to cats &
dogs and cannot make the journey indoors to winter.

The ones that are allowed inside are kept in creative containers
so the animals cannot reach them but we can still enjoy them.

My backyard has limited plants and flowers and all are
non-toxic to dogs.

I adore mums this time of year but I’m reminded again that
they can be toxic to pets, so they will remain in my front yard and pumpkins
will decorate the backyard where my dogs play.

Before purchasing a plant anytime of year, please check the
great list by the ASPCA for information regarding toxicity. And, remember it is better to be safe &
plant-less, than sorry.

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