Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living With The Rescues by Sharon Langford

Living With The Rescues, Life Lessons and Inspirations by Sharon

Portriats and Prose that will touch the heart of every pet

In meeting Ms. Langford I met a friend and fellow animal
lover. A person who has welcomed animals
into her home and life unselfishly.
Living WithThe Rescues is the story of the animals that Langford has
rescued--it will truly touch your heart.

Daisy's Legacy

adopted Daisy to save her life. In going through the darkest days of my life,
particularly after my brother Ray died, she saved mine. Daisy had a profound
impact on my life. When I reflect on her adaptable and peaceful nature, I knew
she was an inspiration to help me adapt to changes in my life – some I
initiated and some I would not have chosen. She also helped me maintain a
peaceful attitude towards people regardless of their actions. In situations
that are potentially stressful, thinking about how Daisy approached life causes
me to ask the question, “will this really matter a year, a month, or even a day
from now?” Asking myself that question helps me to be more adaptable and
accepting and at peace. I carry two photos in my wallet – one of my brother Ray
and one of Daisy. She left her legacy with me and continues to impact my life

Legacy is a 501(c)(3) non profit trust. All profits to the author from the sale
of “Living with the Rescues–Life Lessons and Inspirations” will be donated to
Daisy’s Legacy. The intention is to provide financial assistance for spay and
neuter, medical expenses, and food banks. The trust may provide financial
assistance to people who can provide good permanent homes for animals but do
not have the financial means to pay for the cost of caring for the animals.
When funds are available we will post an application for assistance.

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