Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raising Indiana Episode 2: Puppy Sitters

Do you dread the thought of entrusting your new puppy in the care of a sitter?   Or maybe you just don't know the right questions to ask.  Or perhaps, like me, you live in a tent with your dogs, out collecting firewood one day, and a NASA satellite falls from the sky on top of you and you can't get back to the tent.  Do you have a emergency plan in place so that your puppy can pee?

In this week's episode of Raising Indiana, Lydia Best - Owner and Operator of Everything and the Dog a pet concierge company in Northern Virgina, joins us for a hard hitting talk on how to vet, monitor and evaluate who's looking after your loved one when you're not there. 

Click on the audio bar nearby to hear the second episode of Raising Indiana.


  1. Another excellent interview! Lots of great information on how to pick a good puppy sitter.

  2. These podcasts are so well done and I am very impressed. @ Luke, the questions asked were ones that needed the attention and I am personally glad you brought them up and sought out Lydia. @ Lydia, knowledge is key and it appears you have it. It seems as though I have learned more yet again - Thank you!

    Thank you all for taking the time so that we can all continue to do better with our babies.