Sunday, October 16, 2011

Puppy Up! for Cancer

The Night Before The Raleigh Puppy Up! Walk, all is quiet but Vern is awake thinking…

Author, Vern--FFBF’s Resident Great Pyr Expert

So I am laying here tonight, on the eve of the Puppy Up! Walk in Raleigh and I am wondering why cancer even exists.
It's only purpose is to hurt people and pets, anguish friends and family and
cause strife financially and emotionally. That is a pretty evil reason to
exist. I was at a cancer benefit a few weeks ago. My vet's sister in law was diagnosed
with metastasized breast cancer and they had no health insurance. I went to
help them raise some money so they can keep their small, humble home and the
utilities on while she is going through the treatment. I know she isn't the
only person in this world in this same situation, which makes me lay here and
wonder why cancer exists.

Mom and Dad have told me stories about the dogs they had before me and my sisters. I guess they had a 5 dog pack which was a blend of his and hers. Two fox terriers, a pit/lab mix, a german shepherd and a wolf/shepherd mix. They used to call them their "geriatric pack" since the youngest was 9 years old when they got together. Within 4
years they lost all of them, two to lymphoma, one to oesto sarcoma and two to
heart failure. (I know those are pretty big words for a dog, but they are very
scary words and I like to know who the enemy is.)

I am wondering and thinking about all those awesome people and pets that have been taken from this world and their families to cancer. It is a very sad thing indeed. I know you have been touched by losing someone you loved to cancer and it seems so cruel and senseless. So I am reflecting on all of this on the eve of a very exciting day
for my family. Tomorrow will come and I will meet lots of wonderful people and
dogs, get lots of love and lead them all on a 2 mile walk to raise money and
awareness for canine cancer and comparative oncology research.

So, you see, even though I am very sad on the thought of what cancer has done to so many of our loved ones in the past, I want to make a difference for the future. I am proudly going to Puppy Up! tomorrow with those lost in my heart and those we will help in the future on my mind. The Puppy Up! walk in Raleigh
is a few weeks before most happen on Nov 6th across the country. Please
consider pledging a dog, starting a fundraiser page or making a contribution to
your local walk or for a friend that will be walking. I really would have
preferred to have just nodded off tonight but we have a big job on our hands.
Please visit
to see how you can help.

All we need is love and a cancer
free world!


Vern the Great Pyrenees

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