Thursday, October 6, 2011

Raising Indiana Episode 1

Being a pet parent again for the first time in 5 years I realize I have a lot to learn. So I started a series of podcasts to tap into the expertise of the network of people we’ve built along our travels.

From training to nutrition, veterinarian care and psychology, ‘Raising Indiana’ will explore all aspects of puppyhood. The good, the bad, the puppy…

And since the story of Indy started in Bowling Green, KY, the first episode is a conversation with the Executive Director of the Humane Society there, Lorri Hare, a dear friend and long time supporter.  Every Thursday at 7pm EST a new episode will be posted here.


  1. What a great interview!! It was so nice to meet Indy in Poughkeepsie, NY last month and for sure, Indy has one fantastic personality!!!! Indy met our new little baby girl Newf, Beanie and it was love at first "bite!" The puppy play was fearless on both their parts and yet, within thirty seconds of meeting each other, they were the best of buddies! Indy fits in with Luke and Hudson like the missing part of a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle....they're all one of a kind, yet instantly, three's company! Chief and Ranger were proud to spend the time together too! Robbin 'n Kerry Sneddon

  2. Such a great idea to have podcasts. This was not only fun to listen to but informative as well. I enjoyed the story about how Lorri came across Indiana and just knew where he belonged. I liked her views on the mix vs. purebred and what she has learned in her line of work. It was great - thank you both for taking the time to share!


  3. Great interview! To find out more about the Bowling Green/Warren Co, KY Humane Society and Director, Lorri Hare, visit

    Thanks Luke & Lorri!

    Posted by Blog Admin, Sheila

  4. Excellent interview. Informative, funny, serious, entertaining, educational. Everything a good interview should be. Thanks Luke and Lori for a great first episode of Raising Indiana.

  5. Great interview and podcast Luke & Lorri! So great to hear both of you and all of your input! Shelter dogs are the best - thank you both for all that you do to help homeless dogs! Hope to see both of you sometime soon. Love to all of you and hugs to Indy and Hudson!
    Beth & Bob Britton, Pyr lovers/family members and Rogers Rescues volunteers