Friday, October 7, 2011

Where's the Off Switch?

I think I have a faulty foster dog. Can someone please call the factory and check his model & serial number for recalls?
As most of you know, I am a Great Pyrenees owner. This bred suits my lifestlye and personailty. A little walkies, a snuggle, some kibble and they're back asleep. After a few years they trained me to ignore the constant barking because a leaf fell from a tree three houses down. Yes, they do get the zoomies in the back yard but it's rare and doesn't last long.
My foster on the other paw is a bundle of non-stop wiggles. He is a blue heeler (or ACD mix). Boy, is he having fun herding those pyrs across the yard!?! You've never seen 100+ pounds move so fast! It's funny because he is exercising them for once instead of me. Our 4 walkies a day and hour long play session are getting to me, and I thought I was in pretty good shape. But Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts better invent a "herding breed latte" soon so I can keep up with him!
We've had herding breed fosters before. An ACD named Xman that was adopted out through the Nashville Humane Association, and a Border Collie named Seven who was adopted out to a great family that was younger and had more energy than I do.
I keep hoping one day as I rub bellies just so I can sit still for a minute that I'll find that off switch... I just don't think they included that option on the herders.

If anyone knows it's location or can brew up that herding breed latte, let me know.

Sheila Rinks is the editor of Finding Fuzzybutt Four, producer of the Raising Indiana podcast and shares her home with her husband, 4 Great Pyrenees and 2 very well-fed kitties.

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