Monday, October 24, 2011

Where did everyone go?

Boy, that new puppy, Indiana, is a pawful and I haven't even met him yet! He is keeping me so busy producing and scheduling guests for Indy & Papi's "Raising Indiana" podcast that I barely have time to post blogs anymore. No complaints though because Luke has some amazing guests coming on in the next few weeks and great interviews already recorded! I would love to tell you who we will be speaking with but Hudson has declared it a "stricket". So you'll just have to keep checking back to find out more, and don't miss "Raising Indiana" Thursdays at 7pm EST only here on FFBF.
Oh, Indy says Mommy S has to get back to work. Yes, boss!
P.S. I'll get back to blogging soon...

Sheila Rinks is the editor of Finding Fuzzybutt Four, producer of the Raising Indiana podcast and shares her home with her husband, 4 Great Pyrenees and 2 very well-fed kitties.

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